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Happy Tales Publishing started as an effort to ensure that children had access to quality stories that educated by virtue of their content and format. Our books deal with important social issues on a level that young children are able to understand, and provide an opportunity to be exposed to other languages and cultures through bilingual text.

We strive to produce the best quality children's books, and winning the "Gelett Burgess Award for Excellence in Children's Literature" with "Happy's Christmas Gift" in 2012 and with "Happy As A Fox" in 2013 proves that point.

Finding the right people in the publishing world can be difficult at the best of times, we know. We also know that there are a lot of other stories in the world that children could benefit from hearing or reading. As a group that has learned how to function as self-publishers we invite other authors or potential authors to gain from our experiences to either self-publish or work with us to cost-effectively evolve and publish their books.

We can assist with:

We can also assist with marketing your book once published.

Persons interested in our services should write us or send an email clearly stating at what stage in the writing process they are in and what type of services they require. If your manuscript is complete we ask that you protect yourself through a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which we are happy to provide prior to receiving your work.

Unsolicited book manuscripts will be returned unopened and unread.

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